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blockMy designs bear the signature of a passion for extraordinary materials, a love of detail, and an insistence on exquisite craftsmanship.

I am moved not only by the recollection of unforgettable moments, but also by the unique experiences of everyday life. In many cases it is simply an attitude or even a little message – sometimes with a wink, sometimes with a casual seriousness.

The allegorical numbers 8 and 7 can be found in almost all my pieces. They lend their special significance to the label’s moniker, eternal-eight-and-holy-seven. The eternal 8 stands for wholeness, integrity, and endurance – the infinite. The number 7 – also known as ‘holy seven’ or ‘lucky seven’ – is considered a magical number, particularly in the West. It stands for happiness and good fortune. Christian lore frequently references 7 with very positive connotations, not the least of which is the creation of the world in 7 days. Each of my pieces thus becomes a talisman – even a lucky charm.

Stones – with their intrinsic power – also play a role in my collection. Depending on their particular composition, stones can have significantly favorable effects on our level of energy, our sense of internal peace, and our overall health.

Especially close to my heart is the ‘Father to Son’ theme, which for me brings back memories of Cat Stevens songs. My pieces recall the deep and eternal bond between father and child, for example with an identical armband or a matching pendant on a handmade chain, which symbolize this essential connection.

Expressed above all are a casually rebellious conviction, and an identification with individuality and freedom.

In crafting each and every piece, the essential goal is to fulfill the strictest demand for quality while achieving ultimate comfort and fit. A piece from eternal-eight-and-holy-seven is always worn with confidence and pleasure.

In designing prototypes and manufacturing the final products, I am very pleased to be supported by the ideal talents of Katl Uhmann’s Goldvogerl silver and gold smithy in Munich. We work closely together at her studios, where many of my creations emerge for the very first time. Our extraordinarily productive collaboration also allows for a great degree of flexibility, including cooperation with other smaller jewelry manufacturers – Made in Munich.

I wish you all a great experience wearing the pieces I have created for eternal-eight-and-holy-seven!